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  • "Excellent sales, financing, & parts departments shadowed by a lackluster/inattentive service department and a service manager with a can't be bothered attitude. Prep-fee's now include: Turn signal relay hanging outside of side cover, electrical components under side cover just stuffed in and not mounted to factory mount points, Side Cover top right bolt cross treaded, Pre-dinged skid plate, & Off center drilled holes for license plate

    While not overly concerned with any of the actual failures as all are easy correctable what is more concerning; (1) I paid for them in the form of a prep fee (2) Lack of focus/detail of the service tech (3) The most important one the attitude of the service manager.

    I own a BMW and a Honda product and have never had a service manager dismiss me and/or the information, pictures etc.... I was providing this way before. I didn't have any intention on bringing these issues up but since I had to come in to get my plate and the salesman inquired about the bike I informed him of the issues and he said I should talk to Tim. Tim seemed pre-occupied and remained so during my whole disclosure of information. In the end Tim said about 4 total sentences and "thanks for letting me know". I wasn't looking for anything or anything to be done but the simple act of being attentive to the conversation, engaging in the conversation, and acknowledgment of the mistakes followed with a simple "sorry" would have sufficed. I received none of those.

    Not the service department I remember TJ's having when I first started going to them back in 2004."

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    Jimmy Small - TX
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    Anonymous - Austin, TX
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